• Jean-François Mayer

    Associate Professor - Department of Political Science - Concordia University

    Dr. Jean-François Mayer is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Concordia University. He specializes in comparative politics and political ethnography. Dr. Mayer’s research deals with social movements, labor politics, and state-society relations in Latin America, with a particular emphasis on Brazil and Mexico. Dr. Mayer’s current work focuses on: two areas of concern. First, he studies labor markets and worker organizations in the formal sector of the economy, with a regional emphasis on Latin America. His research questions center on explaining the effects of democratic transitions as well as economic restructuring on the labor market, labor policies, and labor movements. Second, Dr. Mayer examines the multifaceted everyday strategies utilized by workers active in the informal economy to resist violence, in Latin American countries.

  • Françoise Montambeault

    Assistant Professor - Department of Political Science - Université de Montréal

    Françoise Montambeault works in the field of comparative politics. Her research deals with the process of democratization and building citizenship and, in particular, participative democracy in Latin America. Her recent work shows the importance of the design of participatory institutions for democratic development, but also of the type of political and social actors involved in and relating to them, their strategies and interactions. Her current research focuses on 3 themes: 1) the role of institutionalized participation in the development of citizenship and local communities, 2) the role of deliberation in divided societies, and 3) the concept of actors’ autonomy in participatory contexts.